ATN-101 Bispecific Antibody Targeting PD-L1/4-1BB Overcoming Liver Toxicity

How can ATN-101 Overcome PD-(L)1 Resistance and Overcoming Off-target Liver Toxicity of 4-1BB targeting molecules?

Add a T-Cell Booster

By combining with a 4-1BB agonist

Creating an “On-switch”

By using a bi-specific antibody to create a “trimer-induced-on-switch” to reduce 4-1BB driven liver tox

Maximize PD-L1 Binding

ATN-101’s PD-L1/4-1BB arm affinity ratio of 65 ensures high PD-L1 receptor occupancy

To Render Tumors “Hot”

By increase CD8+ T-cell activity and downstream dendritic cell and NK cell activity

Complementary Mechanism of PD-L1/4-1BB to render "cold" tumors "hot"

Activate exhausted T-cells
Increase CD8+ T-cells activity and downstream dendritic cell/ NK cell activity

CPI = checkpoint inhibitor; mAb = monoclonal antibody, NK cell = Natural Killer cell