ATN-037 CD73 Oral Small Molecule Inhibitor with Robust PoC Data in Reversing Anti-PD-1 Resistance

ATN-037 Reverses Adenosine Mediated Immunosuppression

  • Potent and selective, oral small molecule inhibitor completely blocks CD73 activity
  • Activity: Overcomes the hook effect with higher tissue penetrance v. anti-CD73 antibodies
  • Specificity: No inhibition of related targets (including CD39)
  • Preclinical Efficacy: Potent tumor growth inhibition as mono or combo therapy
Inhibits the Cytotoxic and Effector Function of T cell and NK cells
Induces and Enhances the function of Immunosuppressive Cell Types: Tregs, MDSCs, TAMs and Tolerogenic DCs


  • Cell surface receptor
  • Overexpression on tumor cells interrupts adenosine processing, enabling an immunosuppressive TME
  • Important in a range of solid tumor cancers

ATP = adenosine triphosphate, AMP = adenosine monophosphate, NK cells = Natural Killer cells, Tregs = Regulatory T-cells, MDSC = Myeloid-derived suppressor cells , TAMs = Tumor Associated Macrophages, DC = Dendritic cells, TME = tumor microenvironment