ATN-022 Phase II Program Efficacious in Claudin 18.2 Ultra-low Expressors

Claudin 18.2

  • Tumor-Associated antigen overexpressed in esophageal, gastric, pancreatic
  • Occasionally in NSCLC, ovarian and colorectal, head and neck

Differentiated Potency

  • pM binding for specific targeting including cancers with low CLDN 18.2 expression
  • Confirmed by strong in vivo efficacy including low expression PDX models
  • Excellent safety profile in GLP tox studies

ATN-022: A Potent Antibody-Drug Conjugate

Source: Christina Peters, Stuart Brown Antibody-drug conjugates as novel anti-cancer chemotherapeutics.
NSCLC = non-small cell lung cancer, pM = picaMolar, PDX = patient-derived xenograft, GLP = Good Lab Practices, ADC = antibody drug conjugate